Tips for a perfect Pre- Wedding Couple shoot

As  a wedding photographer I always want to give the best pre wedding  pictures to my couples and from a couple’s point of view they always want to look the best  their photos.

So the first question which comes is “What should we wear ?” How many changes?   Where will we go and shoot? Do we have to get up early morning for sunrise pics ? How long will it go  and so on…

I follow a simple rule, Well Planning  = Quality Images, as I don’t believe in hurrying on a couple shoot and handover just a few bunch of pictures.

So the first TIP

Color Coordination :-

Let the couple wear similar shades or contrasting color’s which match with each other. Here is an example of couple wearing similar color complementing each other.

One thing to remember is they don’t have to be the exact same colour. The same colour family would work well too (example: bold red and light red).



STYLE and Posing :-

Usually women always take the attention in every picture, hence the  guys have to ensure that your overall feel matches to your partner, Just don’t wear anything , ask your partnr what she is wearing and accordingly decide your outfit  , eg. if she is wearing a denim then you can’t be wearing a suit , you have to compliment to what your partner is wearing as seen below




Talk with your your photographer about the Posing techniques and locations you will be shooting at so he  can give specific recommendations and Most importantly ,be comfortable and have fun with it! You will have a much better time which will make for better photos.

Variety is the spice of life , Always tell them what kind of pictures can be created at differnt part of daytime and why ?


Above is Sunrise Picture and below one is a Sunset scene.





The above 2 shots were shoot at noon with sun shining over our heads.Best way is to look for shade and know where the sun is and how to take advantage of it and using your sorroundings smartly.I usually prefer shooting in morning or evening but sometimes you have to go as per couple, so then have your plans ready

Other Ideas :Another fun way to make your session unique and fun is to bring props. For example, some fun props are:

– Sunglasses
– “Save the Date”
– Pets
–  Funny Captions
– Balloons / Bubbles



Finally, the most important thing to remember is all you have to capture is EXPRESSIONS as they say a thousand words…So for your next couple shoot Goof off, make faces, cuddle, laugh, play.

In short, have fun and bring your ‘A’ game!

In the end give loads of variety  of shots to your couple from wide angle to close up to scenic to lights and shadwos etc…like the once put below.


1398926_544308982316759_1877076306_o 1398234_545050805575910_234374178_o

1274823_522048807876110_834656209_o  967271_482849731796018_1564305630_o

967301_485681348179523_1488742991_o 976129_483248975089427_354337062_o

980751_482840595130265_123162518_o 271755_410963458984646_629123035_o



Lastly here is small slideshow of all the pictures from a couple shoot whcih will show you the variety of pictures I offer them.

robin saini

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