Candid /Photojournalistic vs traditional wedding photos

Candid wedding photography involves taking pictures of people who are unaware that they are having their pictures taken.  The photographer is always on a FLY – simply capturing the scene without actively altering the scene by giving direction to the people in the photo.

For this very reason, the Candid / photo journalistic style of wedding photography is becoming more and more popular.

The traditional style of wedding photography involves posing people before taking their picture.  Specially In INDIAN wedding where after small gesture like  (Tika /Putting Mangal Sutra /Pheras etc) ,The traditional photographer will say that “MADAM who pose hold karo and he will  CLICK” same things goes during reception when people stand on stage in groups and click pics.You know after the ceremony when everyone stands in a line, and the photographer counts to three, and then snaps the picture?  That’s a traditional photograph.

Check out this photo.  Candid or posed?


If you said posed, you were right.  While the above photo certainly seem posed from an reception sequence but not the typical pose sequence on STAGE where all family members just pose in one line, InFACT it’s a posed picture taken in CANDID STYLE, set up by me, the photographer

And this one?  Candid or posed?


Again, Rather than having typical group shots with friends, I preferred to choose a theme (James Bond pose) and give it a different look, Now decide with your self all these girls and groom just standing in single line and smiling ….Naaa boring traditional OLD style photography.

And how about this one?


If you said posed, you were WRONG.  Typical bridal portraits is staring looking at camera, but I captured this with a SLIGHT pre planning  , As I knew the bride will be walking down the staircase so I took this shot from 2nd floor.

Different concepts /angles for Different situations


After seeing the bride dress with a long trail, I knew I had to shoot wide so that long trail can be shown beautifully along with pathway / the entire church etc.and quick thinking means go as wide as 11mm shot to cover everything.

So why all my shots from weddings looks so whooooo…..Because PRE  PLANNING and rekkie of venue makes your life EASY


For the above pictures ,  (1) once bride and groom are seated, there is no way I can take their pictures from right in front as CHURCH didn’t allow to enter on :ALTER, so I set up a remote camera in front and I was controlling it from other camera in my hand standing left of frame, So every time I press button ,I got 2 pictures of same moment one front view and one side view, Similar technique was  used for 2nd shoot where bride was walking down..One camera put on the ground  and myself shooting straight from other camera and again 2 unique angles of same moment.

Have a look at shots from other camera which captured same frame but different perspective.

1 2

NOW hope you guys get an IDEA on how  my style of  CANDID wedding photography always finds artistic and unique angles unlike traditional photographer who with just do basic clicks. Most importantly, a nice combination of all techniques makes for a dynamic, well-rounded wedding shoot.

In my opinion, shooting in the photo-journalistic /candid style is the best way to ensure you capture the most natural photos possible.  But sometimes, when you have a great idea for a photo, sitting back and waiting for the pieces to fall into place just doesn’t cut it.  You have to make it happen and this is what I master and that’s what you get when you hire me for your services.

After all, rules are meant to be broken and I do that all the time to get the LOOK I want for a picture. Our eyes are the best lens on this planet and they can easily differentiate between different shards of same color (blacks/whites etc) ,Being a Photographer if we don’t give clients what their eyes saw or something better ….then why hire us ?

The Major difference between a candid photographer and traditional photography is how both see same scene differently . The major difference between a average photographer and a PRO photographer is what pro photographer will see..he will try to capture that with all details and it all starts with doing the color temperature settings on your camera and build on it in post-production till achieve the look. Traditional photographers on other side are very flash dominant and kills everything in a scene with way too much flash.

Also composition of pictures always plays an important role and where candid photographer wins over capturing details of every element.

Below are some examples of same shots clicked by regular photographer (top ones) vs candid photographer (myself) standing at same place.




Why Candid wedding photography?

I believe  that Candid wedding photography is much more than capturing smiling faces and the stereotypical group shot. For me, capturing emotions, togetherness and love is what matters. By the end of it all, I make sure every picture tells the couple a story. And this is what makes it special.” This is further proved as the pictures depict a series of exclusive moments like the transformation of the bride and the journey of the groom from ‘boy’ to ‘man’.

robin saini

Robin Saini’s photography is the complete package. I ensure that every occasion is captured such as the Mehendi, Tika, Chooda, Phere, Ghar Pravesh and the reception. That’s not all, for that added twist to the entire deal… You can also get your pre-wedding shots done at places like Lonavala to Maldives.

The albums provided are specially made from Italy, Austria, USA, and India leaving no stone untouched.

To check out some of Robin Saini’s work log on to or You can also mail me on




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  1. Its amazing..well written and explained about the work u do and create stories for others to cherish for life! 🙂 Splendid Indeed !

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